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Wolf’s Bane Cider

Recently, I decided to create a can label for fun as a way to get back into product design while incorporating digital illustrations.

My partner and I have been trying to expand our beer palates by checking out local breweries and trying buying interesting looking beer flavors whenever we get the chance. So far, we haven’t had much luck finding a flavor or variety that we like – with the exception of blackberry cider.

I decided that it’d be fun to create my own version of our new favorite drink. I wanted to stick with a monochromatic color scheme here and utilize royal purple as the focal point. As I was brainstorming on ways to illustrate the more tangy, fruity notes that blackberry cider tends to have, my partner told me a story about how he used to accidentally prick himself on blackberry bushes when he was a child. I thought it would be interesting to find a way to blend that in with the design and ended up settling on a slightly medieval/fantasy approach.

The sword and wolf illustration were both hand drawn before being refined and finalized in Illustrator:

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Sally Face Vector Illustration

Recently, I’ve wanted to get back into doing some vector illustrations and I was inspired to do a character illustration based on the indie horror game, “Sally Face“, created by PortableMoose. Going into this, I really worked on refining my sketch before taking things over to the digital realm. I also had time to record a bit of my process which was a lot of fun:


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Stereohype Button Badge Design Competition

Stereohype, a London based graphic art label and online boutique, held their annual button badge competition for a new series of designs to be added to their growing collection. These designs were inspired by my love of both lowbrow art and food. I created these illustrations with ink and watercolor. The bacon and egg skull became one of their new single button design winners.

Buttons available for purchase at

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Does Art Influence Technology?

I came across an interesting article, “The Impact of Technology on Art” on (URL: and it got me thinking about how much art and technology work together.

There is no question that art and technology now coexist in a way that was unimaginable decades ago. For many, advancing technology was seen as something rooted in math and science and the creative fields were largely reduced to physical means. In 2018, it’s easy to see how technology has had a positive impact on many creative fields from art, to music, to photography.

Rather than replace the artist or limit one’s creative scope, technology has opened up options for artists that weren’t available before. As stated in the article,  David Hockney was able to use the IPad Pro to create stunning images where, previously, he used oil paint. With emerging and new technology, artists are given the ability to try out new techniques and hone their skills for a new environment. I see art and technology as both ever-changing and both working interdependently will produce some amazing results.