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Does Art Influence Technology?

I came across an interesting article, “The Impact of Technology on Art” on (URL: and it got me thinking about how much art and technology work together.

There is no question that art and technology now coexist in a way that was unimaginable decades ago. For many, advancing technology was seen as something rooted in math and science and the creative fields were largely reduced to physical means. In 2018, it’s easy to see how technology has had a positive impact on many creative fields from art, to music, to photography.

Rather than replace the artist or limit one’s creative scope, technology has opened up options for artists that weren’t available before. As stated in the article,  David Hockney was able to use the IPad Pro to create stunning images where, previously, he used oil paint. With emerging and new technology, artists are given the ability to try out new techniques and hone their skills for a new environment. I see art and technology as both ever-changing and both working interdependently will produce some amazing results.

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  1. Hello, this article was definitely inspirational! I’ve never really given thought into how art influences technology, which is weird. We see so many devices with a variety of uses in this day and era, but we still manage to favor our favorite tools to be aesthetically appealing. This was a good read, thanks for the post!

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