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Sally Face Vector Illustration

Recently, I’ve wanted to get back into doing some vector illustrations and I was inspired to do a character illustration based on the indie horror game, “Sally Face“, created by PortableMoose. Going into this, I really worked on refining my sketch before taking things over to the digital realm. I also had time to record a bit of my process which was a lot of fun:


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Think Big : Completed Campaign

The Think Big project provided me with many ways to think outside of the box and push past my usual comfort zone. While I utilized Illustrator for much of the logo design process, I got to work with Photoshop Mock-Ups for the first time. The mock-ups provided me with a concrete way to see whether my design choices were sound or whether they needed some revision.

For the campaign, I decided it would be best to stick with online advertising as this is for an art and technology conference but I didn’t want to neglect traditional methods as it’s best to advertise using multiple channels. For this part of the assignment, I chose to use Instagram, Facebook, and a street level ad for my framework. These are the final products:

In addition to the advertisements, I also created merchandise that would be distributed at the conference.  I thought pinback buttons would be the most useful as they’re easy to make and handout to attendees. I also thought of the idea of a freebie gift and decided the buttons would work well for that. Along with the buttons, I decided that t-shirts would also be a great way to promote the event, however, I thought using the logotype by itself was better than the full logo image. The third and last merchandise idea was posters that mirrored the street advertisements.

*I did also do some minor alterations to the logo, switching out the blue on the hand for the same tan color used on the paintbrush


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Think Big Finalized Logo and WIP Advert Campaign

Here is the finished logo for the Think Big Conference that I narrowed down out of the 40 sketch ideas. I made a refined sketch on dotted paper that I then scanned and worked on in Illustrator.


The Think Big Conference would cater to young teens and adults ages 16-30 who are interested in or in a creative field (art, music, photography, graphic design, etc). It would feature guest speakers who are making strides in their industries and new technology available for attendees to test. There would also be art workshops where attendees can learn techniques from screen-printing to computer editing techniques. The main goal of Think Big is to get people to embrace their creativity and learn how art and technology can be interdependent. I believe that the arts are seen as a dying field when, in actuality, plenty of the advancements in technology have come from those willing to think creatively.

Here are my current WIPs of some of the campaign adverts that would be utilized to promote the event. The first is a web ad created to be shared on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram, the second is a large event flyer/poster design, and the third are pinback buttons that will be handed out as freebies to the first 100 attendees. Currently, these aren’t placed in situ, however, I have PSD mock-ups ready to use once these are completed.