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Think Big WIP

These are my rough logo sketches and rough advertisement ideas for a fictional conference. What I did first was use the thesaurus to research synonyms for ‘think’ and ‘big’ since the words themselves are very broad. Some words that really stuck out to me were imagine, visualize, envision, tremendous, massive, and substantial. As I looked at those words, I really came up with the ideas that became the basis for the design ideas I created.

I’ve always been interested in how art can influence technology (and vice versa) so, to me, think big was a perfect idea for an art and technology conference. The conference would be a way to discuss ways that artists, musicians, photographers, etc. can use technology to broaden their ideas and how technology can improve and work with the arts.

My idea for advertisements include physical merch and more web banner ads since my portfolio currently features a lot of product labels and brochure ideas.

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